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They laugh You Win, LLC is a corporate training & marketing company devoted to leveraging the power of humor and teaching the tools of stand-up comedy to give everyday people and corporations a competitive advantage.
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Matt Kazam is a Las Vegas Headlining Comedian with over 28 years of experience and has performed over 6,000 shows in 42 states and 7 countries including 1,000 corporate events.  Matt founded They Laugh You Win to bring all his areas of expertise under one roof and harness this depth of knowledge in the craft of humor & performing to provide the highest level of corporate entertainment, innovative & entertaining training programs and face to face marketing content. Matt has taught thousands of people and helped hundreds of companies leverage the power of humor to accomplish their goals.

Las Vegas Headliner – Comedian – Edutainer – Writer
Matt Kazam - Public Speaker and Corporate Trainer

Whether as a keynote speaker, corporate trainer or conducting a learning event, Matt has a unique ability to teach the tools of stand-up comedy and put them in an effective manageable program for everyday people to use in all walks of life.  From lawyers to doctors, teachers to corporate leaders, activists to actors everyone can benefit from the power of using humor and the skills of a stand-up comedian in both their personal and professional lives. Matt has been a corporate trainer for the past 12 years and has been a guest lecturer at The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC, where he provides continuing education programs in the areas of public speaking and humor for some of the country’s leading thinkers, professionals and artists. He is also the creator of “Stand Up & Public Speak”. This revolutionary public speaking & humor training program helps turn everyday people into extraordinary public speakers.

Study after study shows that children laugh an estimated 400 times a day while adults laugh on average only 3 times a day.

What these statistics illustrate, besides that children have it way better than adults do, is how rare laughter is in our grown-up lives and what a tremendous opportunity humor presents in the business world. Over the course of a day people have many interactions, transactions and are exposed to numerous brands it is hard to keep them all straight. Now imagine your brand or interaction is one where the power of humor is leveraged, laughter is achieved, & you and your brand are connected with this enriching, positive and unexpected human connection.

Creating these memorable moments can help improve the customer experience, generate sales, increase brand loyalty and when humor is used properly can motivate people to action.

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