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The power of humor can be seen everywhere. The line between the business world and the entertainment world is closer than ever.

Whether it is because people’s attentions spans have gotten shorter or their expectation levels have risen, it is no longer enough to be just good at what you do. In the business world or social setting the need to be funny, entertaining, likable and charismatic is more important than ever. All of these characteristics are the backbone of the stand-up comedian.

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The need for humor in the workplace is also a hot issue. Besides our core program, Stand Up & Public Speak, we have developed numerous seminars and workshops for corporations who see the need and potential for training their employees in innovative ways. Programs ranging from improving their employees’ level of customer service, to how to relieve stress, overcoming challenges, new ways to motivate and empower their sales team and how to help their staff produce more entertaining and effective presentations have all been created.

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Notable companies as KPMG, AOL, The US Chamber of Commerce, General Dynamics and State Farm Insurance have all seen the value in humor training and teaching their employees the tools of stand-up comedy. Each customized training program is designed to give practical uses and advanced techniques on how to leverage the power of humor to not only win in business, but in all aspects of life. The focus is not only on learning the tools of a stand-up comedy, but more importantly how to effectively apply them to gain that competitive edge so vital in the business world today.

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