They Laugh You Win

Leveraging the Power of Humor

The power of humor can be seen everywhere.

And the line between the business world and the entertainment world is closer than ever.

Have you noticed it’s no longer enough to be good at what you do? You also need to be funny, entertaining, likable, and charismatic.

That sounds like a stand-up comedian, doesn’t it?

Notable companies as KPMG, AOL, The US Chamber of Commerce, General Dynamics and State Farm Insurance have all seen the value in humor training and teach their employees how to use the tools of stand-up comedy.

They Laugh You Win is a customized corporate edutainment and training program that combines the craft of stand-up comedy and public speaking. It is designed to give advanced and practical techniques on how to leverage the power of humor, to win in business, and all aspects of life. The focus is on learning the tools of a stand-up comedy. You’ll learn how to effectively apply them to lead with laughter and make punch lines improve bottom lines.

Learn from Las Vegas headliner & Humor Scientist , Matt Kazam, how your leaders, managers, and sales teams can leverage the science of humor and human behavior for amazing and fun results.

They Laugh You Win In Action

A Corporate Training Trifecta
Keynote, Breakout, and Entertainment

This highlight reel of Matt Kazam’s three different presentations showcases the high impact and enjoyable experience of leveraging the power of humor and #leadingwithlaughter.

Training Module Samples

Leading With Humor & Empathy

The most effective leaders use humor and empathy to spark enthusiasm, communicate assertively, boost morale, bring teams together, and opt for optimism. Leading With Humor & Empathy empowers senior managers to use the science of humor and human behavior to improve every area of responsibility and positively influence corporate culture.

Stand Up & Public Speak

Stand-up comedians are not usually thought of as speakers, but the tools and techniques they use are applicable to the business world. This revolutionary program helps your staff communicate and speak even more effectively.

Stand Up & Sell

What is selling but getting others to agree with you? If the audience’s enjoyment of a comedian’s performance is contingent upon them agreeing with the comedian, wouldn’t that make them an expert on sales? Learn comedy as a sales technique from a genuine humor scientist.

LOL 101

Why do we laugh? What makes us laugh? A sense of humor lives inside all of us. Laughter is one of the 2 forms of communication we are given at birth. LOL 101 simply & effectively teaches the basic tenants of humor & laughter to make us funnier, more engaging, authentic and powerful communicators.

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