In these polarizing times a comedy show can be a risky entertainment proposition, but it doesn’t have to be.

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a comedy show can be a risky entertainment proposition, but it doesn't have to beIf you watched the Presidential address last night you saw what I am talking about in full form. The division we saw in the audience is exactly what you see with entertainment audiences at pretty much every venue except say the Oscars. Audiences are very split along party lines and virtually every comedian out there is talking politics whether they have the skill set to do so or not. They can’t help themselves and even if they don’t specifically mention Trump or the left they will tackle another topic that will divide and enrage an audience. I see it all the time. This is a huge problem for event planners and venues especially my friends in the casino business and it is just going to get worse. Think about it if an audience member gets mad or offended they are going to not just walk out of the showroom they are going to leave the casino and take that gaming revenue down the street or even worse if you offend your staff or clients at a corporate event. I did an interview last week and the reporter said “this must be a great time to be a comedian” and the fact is it is not. It might be the worst. I have never seen people so deeply programmed one way or the other. I think it is best to just stay away from the subject altogether and that is the beauty and competitive advantage of my one man comedy show 40 Is Not The New 20. There is a fire raging out there and instead of spending 75 or 90 minutes drawing attention to the fire, I make them forget about the fire completely. I take them away from the world we know today and take them back and if I make a political reference it is probably about Nixon.

40 Is Not The New 20 is the smash hit one man comedy show straight from the Vegas Strip and is non stop laughs from start to finish and unlike anything out there. The show had a residency at the legendary Riviera Casino and I am currently taking the show back to where it started at regional casinos, theaters, PAC’s corporate events and the top country & golf clubs in the Country. I have a unique and almost throwback ability to work every part of the Country and with an eclectic mix of audiences. It is not unusual to see 3 and even 4 generations of people at my show and you just don’t see that anymore. This show doesn’t divide the audience it brings them together as it tickles the soul in the most beautiful way. It celebrates our generational and not our political, racial, cultural and economic differences so the audience can just sit back, relax and laugh and laugh often. This show has the point of view and depth of a one man show and the laughs per minute of a traditional stand up comedy show. Audiences connect with the marketing and the material and in these very polarizing times when just one wrong joke can anger and enrage an audience take comfort that this show is low risk and high return on every level. I take them back to a simpler time when there were 3 stations on TV and we didn’t have Google we had “Go ask your Father”. The show is the perfect contrast to the state of the world today and audiences walk out almost with a perfect smile cemented on their faces. Please watch the video links below and if you are looking for just a great night for your casino, country club, theater or corporate event you should be checking out this show. I have been performing stand up comedy since I was 3 years old, professionally for 28 years and it has taken me 10 years to get this show perfect. Message me or my manager Matt Van De Water with Parallel Entertainment or my agent Greg Burns for more information. You won’t be disappointed. This show over delivers and knocks it out of the park every time. Just check out what people are says. Imagine these smiles and appreciation at your venue.

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Quotes: We’ve had him work many functions at our club and the members love him! I highly recommend Matt at any & every function where a comedian is needed. You will not be let down!! – International Country Club

Not only did Matt have every one of our members in tears, we walked away from the night with more members than we started with…It was an evening enjoyed by all. Highly recommended!!! – Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon, Home of Southern California PGA

…hilarious conclusions that make his audiences roar with laughter. – Las Vegas Magazine

Kazam is the perfect guy to make this work…so many lines come at you so quickly. – Mike Wheatherford Las Vegas Review Journal

Kazam is a funny, likable 45-year-old.. .Joke-punch-line setups are clever……this “show” is a triumph – Vegas Seven Magazine The comparisons of what went on 20 years ago to what happens today had me laughing. Life has completely changed since 1974, and crazed comic Matt Kazam proves it in his very funny one-man show – Robin Leach Las Vegas Sun

One of the funniest shows I have seen in years.- Charlie Bass Vegas Talk Radio One of the funniest comedians around. – Las Vegas Locally

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