Shift Happens with Matt Kazam: The Secret Behind Making Others LOL

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According to Las Vegas comedian, Matt Kazam, many comics are the most painfully shy people you’ll ever meet in-person. Who knew these funny guys and gals, who perform in front of thousands of people for a living, are natural-born introverts?!

But that’s not all Matt shares during his episode of Shift Happens. This choice-conscious entertainer shares how, as one of three children (his sister a doctor, his brothers are lawyers), his dad made it clear that if he wanted to commit to the comic-guy journey, he better figure out the science of stand-up. From thinking about his act to understanding long-form stand-up, Matt took his father’s words to heart.

In this episode of Shift Happens, Matt explains:

  • Why laughter exists, and the difference between conscious and subconscious laughter
  • How his crowd-fusing approach to comedy lends itself to the real world (and you can apply it, too)
  • How mood influences health and lifestyle

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