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stand up comedy tools for public speaking

Stand-up comedy is one of the purest and most highly respected forms of public speaking in the world today. Stand-up comedians have always been regarded as some of the best public speakers and this program offers an opportunity to learn the inside tools that have helped train these ordinary people into extraordinary speakers.  From lawyers to doctors, teachers to corporate leaders, activists to actors everyone can benefit from the power of using humor and the skills of a stand-up comedian in both their personal and professional lives.

Public speaking is a strong part of everyday life and humor can help make it even more powerful. “Stand Up & Public Speak” teaches how to overcome the fear of speaking in public and improve on existing skills and techniques. This program is available in 1, 2, 3 & 4 hour versions as well as full and multi day intensive training programs for team building and corporate retreats. This multimedia course will help your staff achieve their goals in both business and social settings.

Seminar Focus Points:

  • Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking
  • Developing Crowd Fusion Techniques
  • Public Speaking Perceptions Vs. Realities
  • Using Humor to Get Your Message Across
  • Maintaining & Managing Energy
  • Stage Presence, Body Language & Eye Contact
  • Memorization Techniques
  • How to Read an Audience
  • Tailoring Your Speeches & Presentations
  • Public Speaking to Entertain and Inform
  • Finding Your Natural Public Speaking Style
  • Learn Joke Writing Techniques
  • Using Improvisation in Presentations
  • How To Prepare to Give a Speech or Presentation
  • The 3 Phases of Performing & Public Speaking
What To Expect
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Produce More Effective and Powerful Presentations and Speeches
  • Your Staff Will Be Entertained & Informed
  • Bring Your Group Together and Promote Team Building
  • Increase Creativity and Promote “Thinking Outside The Box”
  • Learn How to Use Humor in New Ways
  • Receive a Customized Training Program That Meets Your Specific Needs & Goals
  • Get Real World Tips & Ideas and Learn From One of the Most Dynamic Comedians Working Today
  • Be Motivated and Empowered to Speak in Comfortably in Any Situation
  • Receive Personal Attention to be able to Reach Your Public Speaking goals
Stand up And Public Speak with Matt Kazam

Stand Up Public Speaking Tips from Matt Kazam

Joke Writing: A good rule when writing and using a joke in your speech is just to get down to what’s funny. Everything else is irrelevant. Remember in comedy and in public speaking sometimes less is more.“ Matt Kazam

“As you are building your speech or presentation make sure it has continuity. For example, in putting together a stand up comedy set if you talk about being married in one part of your set make sure you are married in every joke. The audience will notice a break in continuity and it might affect the response you get from your material.“ Matt Kazam

Eye contact: Make sure to make eye contact with everyone in the room. Split the room into 3 sections and pick a spot about a third of the way into the audience. Then like an oscillating fan make sure to look at all 3 sections initially and equally throughout your speech.  It is easy to connect and hold your audience’s attention through eye contact.  They are more likely to respond to you and focus on what you have to say if they feel you are looking at them. This will become 2nd nature if you focus on making sure you do it every time you speak in front of people.” Matt Kazam

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