• "Matt Kazam is the guy that turned me from a shaking mess on stage in front of my class -- to someone that can speak and ENJOY it in front of ...any sized group at any time, and use humor to make it fun for all. In the process I also greatly improved my writing skills."

    Dawn Lodge Golden Learning Event Attendee
  • "Matt is a true master at his craft that he's honed for decades. I've had the pleasure of learning from Matt but also bringing him into a unique event I run for high-level entrepreneurs. Matt's session using comedy in presentations and for advancing your business was one of the highlights for attendees. He's versatile and flexible to customize what you need for your audience. I'd highly recommend getting Matt for his unique skillset."

    CEO, Maverick 1000
  • "Matt Kazam is a consummate performer and a great individual. He performed 2 comedy shows for us that were very entertaining and stayed after to meet and greet all of our guests. Matt is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any event."

    Nicholas J. Sacco Mayor, North Bergen, NJ
  • "Not only was his show well reviewed and well received, it was also profitable! As anyone who's booked entertainment before understands, it can be quite a hit or miss proposition. All that having been said, though, the best thing about Matt's show was Matt himself. He's obviously a very funny guy, but most importantly, he's a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with - traits also routinely lacking when dealing with entertainment acts. I wish him the best of success in his future endeavors and wholeheartedly recommend him. "

    Trent Dang Database & Casino Marketing Executive
  • "Matt is a first class entertainer. In today's world it's hard to find a comedian that can make you laugh non stop for two hours like Matt did. The great thing about Matt is his show will remind you of your childhood in the best way possible. I also love that Matt's show is not political in any way which is almost impossible to find in today's world. "

    Peter Serra President Serra Benefits Group
  • "We Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation have had the privilege of sharing our annual awards banquet with Matt as our MC, entertainment, and fundraising for the past 4 years. Industry leaders attend this prestigious event each year to celebrate the growth and accomplishments of our organization and raise much needed funds to continue our work. Matt, has provided us with a comfortable and comedic atmosphere that afforded us the ability to engage our guests in a way that open their hearts and minds to the possibilities of their financial support raising in excess of $275,000 in funding for education, vocational training, and social development. We are repeatedly asked if Matt will be returning the coming year and we are pleased to say he has become part of our organizational fabric. "

    Flynann Janisse President/Executive Director at Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation
  • "The comparisons of what went on 20 years ago to what happens today had me laughing. Life has completely changed since 1974, and crazed comic Matt Kazam proves it in his very funny one-man show."

    Robin Leach Las Vegas Sun
  • "...hilarious conclusions that make his audiences roar with laughter. - Las Vegas Magazine   Kazam is the perfect guy to make this work...so many lines come at you so quickly"

    Mike Wheatherford Las Vegas Review Journal
  • "I've worked with Matt Kazam at multiple casinos over the past 15 years and his show only gets better every time I see it. He is constantly updating his material, so guests can't wait to see him over and over again. His jokes connect with all audiences no matter what their age range is. He makes people in their 20's and 30's laugh just as hard as people in their 80's. Matt is the perfect performer for a casino environment. When audiences leave his show, they leave smiling and ready to hit the casino!"

    Alex Rangel Director of Marketing American Casinos
  • "Matt is a true professional, versatile and funny. I have had the pleasure of working with Matt as a headliner while Director of Marketing at Snoqualmie Casino and using him for a large corporate event for F5 Networks. He delivers and will make your event better"

    Lars Sorenson Senior Global Events Manager F5 Networks
  • "Matt's show in one of the most creative, insightful and gut busting entertaining shows in Comedy today. There are few comedians out there that can connect an audience from 18-80 and bridge all races with amazing clever material without being offensive. Matt does this effortlessly and alters each and every show predicated on the crowd. Matt is on the crest of greatness and it will not be long until Matt Kazam is a household name. If Matt is ever in or near your area make sure you catch a show. It is a 90 minute escape into a happy place you never what to leave."

    Scott Arthur Director SMS
  • "Matt's talents go far beyond his one-man show. He has honed his craft so that he is an invaluable asset to a wide variety of clients. He can headline your corporate retreat; host your golf fundraiser and drive up your silent auction revenue; entertain at your customer events…the list is endless. Matt will tailor his act to your specific audience and work with you to support your meeting objectives. I highly recommend Matt for anyone considering a new and fun addition to your next corporate event."

    Peggy O’Connell Pres. Bespoke Meetings
  • "You are the reason I got over my fear of public speaking and I use the tools I learned in your seminar almost everyday. ! It has been a great addition to my life!"

    Ken Watter Seminar Attendee
  • "When I told a colleague about taking your seminar, his follow-up question was "What did you learn?" I was able to talk for the next 10 minutes about what I had learned and could have talked for 2 hours... everybody at the table was completely spellbound as I shared the basic principles I learned from you. I have had many other comedians since mentor, instruct and advise me along the way. No one has ever contradicted those basic tenets I learned from you."

    Kenny Robinson Seminar Attendee
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